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How will WiFi on Indian flights work?

The time is not far when you can be logged on to your web accounts and stay connected with your friends from clouds 

One major idea that has been resting under bundles of files so far is to give travellers WiFi connectivity in aeroplanes during flights. But thankfully, this plan is now all set to get a green signal.

The aviation ministry, which had kept the idea on hold for ‘security purposes’, has finally cleared the proposal and given its go-ahead.

According to a Mint report, Aviation Secretary R.N. Choubey said, the “good news” can be expected within next ten days.

However, airlines believe that the move will be quite expensive to execute.

A WiFi system inside an aeroplane works just like it does on the ground, but there is no source to ‘generate’ the signal inside the aircraft.

The aircraft will either need to catch signals from telecom towers on the ground, or, if it is flying at higher altitudes, then the signal will have to be received directly from satellites.

There is no denying that the installation of such a powerful receiver system will be quite a costly affair. But that cost might not fall on flyers directly, as the airlines are expected to pay for it.

However, considering how the airline industry works, it is all but certain that you will have to pay through the nose to use their connection.

So all in all, a mixed blessing.

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